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Bangkok = Profit for your studio

Bangkok costume buying trips numbers crunched.


I get a lot of enquiries regarding how to pay for your Bangkok trips initial outlay.


Here are some examples of how the trip will work for you depending on your studio size.

Single share trip including Air/Accommodation/Transfers/Costume sourcing approx $3000.00

Single Share $1900 land only for non-Australian departures.(prices are subject to change) use these prices as a guide only.

Our trips are available to studio owners around the world. 


50 students requiring 3 costumes @a profit of $20 per costume is $3000. Already you have paid for your trip.

100 students requiring 3 costumes $6000 profit.

200 students requiring 3 costumes $12000 profit. already you have paid back your initial investment and have made a very nice profit for yourself or your studio.

I am being very conservative with the $20 per costume add on, as I know the costumes are so much cheaper in Bangkok that I believe you could add more to the costume profit margin.

Also, more importantly, why not warm yourself up in July in Bangkok, while you make a profit and have a lot of fun!!

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