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Move it dance expo LONDON March 23

Dance Station Costumes is very fortunate to be working with Expressions Academy of Performing Arts EPA from the UK.

They will be showcasing their fabulous dance talents, while performing in our stunning costumes. Some of our costumes have already arrived in the UK. Here is a sneak peek. The girls from EPA have been busy rehearsing and fitting costumes. Here are some behind the scenes photos.

Keywords here are rehearsing and fitting costumes. I can't wait to show you our "show" photos.

Come along with us on the journey of "imagination". We are excited to be travelling to London to exhibit @ MOVE IT - Dance and Performing Arts Show.

This will be our second attempt to exhibit here. In 2020 the show was cancelled due to bloody covid on the day we arrived in London.

Don't miss us this time. We are exhibiting at STAND 614. We will have lots of giveaways, lucky dips, raffles and of course magnificent costumes and accessories for sale.

All the costumes featured below will be available for sale. We will be selling these below retail price, as they will have been worn for the performance. If you would like to pre buy before they go on sale at Move it. You can message us, leave a comment or email

First to say sold! Yay...Can't wait to see you next week in London. I will be wearing a very large coat to keep the frost away!!!

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